The Lost Child and The Loving Parent is designed to enhance the relationship between child and parent by teaching parents coping and communication skills for everyday life. You will learn to become an expert on your child, how to minimize conflicts and strategies to create harmony within the family.

We will provide each attendee with in depth information on how to meet the ongoing demands of their child's development using effective, proven strategies. Most of all we work to have parents mentally prepared to handle common parenting challenges and problems, so that they raise happy and healthy kids.

 Learning Objectives:

  • The hardest thing about being a parent
  • Opportunities for parents
  • Difficulties of parenting
  • Identifying expectations
  • Who are adolescents?
  • What is your child’s verbal communication?
  • Demonstrating acceptance
  • Nourishing your child mind
  • Who is a loving parent?
  • The healing power of injury
  • The two sided coin of adolescents
  • Understanding the types of pressure
  • What is good parenting?