The Elements of Fatherhood program works to encourage and educate males about the role of fatherhood. Using our C.I.R. model (Commited. Involved. Responsible.) both youth and adults will learn how their words and actions affect their children. They will also be taught about the positive benefits of having a relationship with their child.

We address barriers to father involvement such as co-parenting and blended families giving attendees strategies to overcome many of the difficulties of fatherhood. We also aim to focus on the prevention of premature fathering and emphasize the importance of reaching young boys and their parents prior to fatherhood.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognizing a father’s legacy
  • Exploring a father’s opportunity
  • Understanding the difficulties of fatherhood
  • The ingredients of fatherhood
  • The elements of fatherhood
  • Identifying a father’s growth
  • The father child relationship
  • A father's pace
  • What is a son?
  • What is a daughter?
  • A father’s impact
  • What is important between a father and his child?
  • Understanding the credibility of fatherhood