The mission of The Sutherland Center, LLC is to provide high-quality, world-class, diverse, and inspiring workshops and trainings to improve the overall quality of performance for our consumers that they will exceed excellence in a global society.

The vision of The Sutherland Center, LLC is to be the paramount organization and provider of empowering and inspiring workshops and training that enhances the performance of its consumers by learning skills for everyday living.

What are the rates for workshops and training?
The rates for workshops and trainings vary. Please contact The Sutherland Center, LLC?

How do I pay for the workshops and training?
Cash, credit cards, money order or company checks are accepted forms of payment. 

How can I request and schedule a specific workshop and training for myself or organization?
Please contact us approximately 3-4 weeks before the actual expected date of the event to allow enough preparation time to provide the most efficient and effective workshop/training.