Who receives supervision and documentation? Dr. Sutherland provides clinical supervision for therapists and other mental health service providers. Dr. Sutherland maintains clear, accurate records of his supervisees to make application for licensure as smooth and simple as possible. You are required to have your own individual liability insurance and provide a copy of your liability insurance. The policy should cover 1 million per individual claim/ 3 million aggregate per policy year. Liability insurance can be obtained from a number of agencies, however www.hpso.com and www.cphins.com are two that are recommended.

What are the rates? The rate for individual, one-on-one supervision is $70 per clinical hour. There can be up to two supervisees present to still be counted as individual supervision. The rate for group supervision is $50 per clinical hour. There is a maximum of 5 supervisees for group supervision for more thorough case discussion and to allow enough time for all supervisees to add to the process. Cash, credit cards, money orders or checks are accepted forms of payment. Payment is due the day the service is provided.

How do I schedule supervision? Please contact us to initiate clinical supervision?

Where does it take place? Please contact us for locations in the Atlanta Georgia area.