“Enhancing People’s Performance to Improve Their Life’s Performance”

The Sutherland Center, LLC strives to improve the overall quality of living for its clients. We commit to staying on the leading edge of the exploration and discovery of human potential. In our rapidly changing world, both people and organizations can benefit from professional guidance and counseling. Our staffs of counselors and consultants are trained in human development and psychology.

We are able to customize our services to meet the needs of churches, schools, individuals, couples, parents, families, adolescents and professionals organizations. Working through problems with a skilled, and compassionate professional offers many benefits, such as:

  • Improving belief in self and demonstrating self-control
  • Improving communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills
  • Feeling more successful (and more joyfully) connected with others
  • Reducing stress (which also promotes physical health)
  • Improving family structure and interactions
  • Learning new behaviors and/or responses to achieve your goals
  • Better understanding of thoughts, feelings, and responses
  • Reducing youth behavior problems, substance use, and association with antisocial peers
  • Making parental management of children’s behavior more effective
  • Have a safe and friendly ear; someone to use as a sounding board

We also conduct various workshops and trainings on numerous topics for professionals, adults and adolescents:

  • Partners in Communication
  • The Lost Child and The Loving Parent
  • Parentship Without Relationship Is Emotional Abandonment
  • Elements of Fatherhood
  • "Struggle No More: A Counselors Ethical Connection in Counseling"
  • Living Through Grief

The Sutherland Center, LLC also provides in-home assessments, individual counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling as well as clinical consultation and clinical supervision.